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OEM hot forged brass fire sprinkler parts

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Modelo: OEM

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We are the factory provide brass, steel and aluminum metal parts custom-made service
Main processes include hot forging, stamping, cnc machining
Forging tolerance: MIN +/-0.1mm, Normal +/-0.5mm
Machining tolerance: Min +/-0.01mm
Part MAX size: 300x300mm within 5kgs
OEM hot forged brass fire sprinkler parts frame view

Custom fire sprinkler parts pipe system connector view

Cixi Fule Flooding Equipment Co., Ltd.                                                                                                    
set up in the year of 2001, is one of the manufacturing factory main provide customization metal die-casting, forging, cold or warm form pressing, stamping and precision CNC lathe machining service,  We have a complete in-house manufacturing system-from products design, making, testing to parts mass-production.
Our factory have been approved by ISO9001:2008 supervisory system, all our workshop and products are manufactured under it. Main processes workshop include precision forging and stamping workshop, cold/ward forming press workshop, CNC lathe machining workshop, and inspection and packing workshop. 
Quality Control                                                                                                                                               
All of our engineers and Q/C guys concern and active in every engineering and manufacturing stages by ISO standard, to make sure that only quality parts leave our plant.

Production Equipment and ability                                                                                       






CNC Lathe


120 sets

MAX OD 120mm

Min +/-0.01mm


hot forging

3 sets

60-80 tons



cold stamping

29 sets

15-100 tons


Hydraulice press machine

hot&cold press

2 sets

315-500 tons


Rolling machine

threading and diamond rolling


Max OD 25mm


Factory Production work shop and capacity                                                                         
Precision forging, that include puch hot forging and press forging, have 3 sets of 63 tons to 125 tons forging machine, and 2 sets of 300 tons and 500 tons of hydraulic machine for cold or warm form press forging process. Available to produce the parts from 20g to 2500g. 

Precision CNC lathe machining workshop, have 120 sets of CNC lathe, available to contrail the MIN tolerance at +/-0.01mm. 

Metal stamping workshop                                                                                                   
have 17 sets of stamping machine from 6.3 tons to 125 tons, those contain 2 sets of 60 tons precision punching machine for stamping

Inspection, assembly and packing workshop.

Other Fire sprinker nozzle  show                                                                                  

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We are always try our best to provide you premium quality products with competitive price. Should any requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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